[ADAXP] ADA Experience Pool

Currently under Construction....Running Node Version 1.27.0
update 30.05. : Webpage is coming along. hope to be online in two to three weeks.

Short info in the meantime:

Hi my name is Alex, 35 yrs old from Germany.
I am a professional Bartender and a passionate Cardanian.
Do to the Coronacrysis my BAR is shut down at the moment..
Thats why I started this stakepool to have an alternative income and to help the Network grow.
I really think Cardano can make the change that society needs to make the World a better place.
This opportunity is immense and I am really excited to take a part in it.

The Setup:
I run two relay Nodes one based in Amsterdam the second in Frankfurt.
The BlockProducer Node shall stay hidden :)
Each node runs on 4GB RAM and 80GB Diskspace. Edit: Sucessfully updated each Node to 8GB RAM and 4vCPUs
Depending on the next HFC Event I might size it up a bit.

So that's it for now hope to see you all soon with a way more professional webpage than this :).
Take Care stay safe and let's change the World together.